12 Person Tent

12 Person Tent

Tips on How to Find the Best 12 Person Tent

When camping season comes, and we all need a tent to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, it takes most of us a lot of time to know exactly what it is we need to consider to find a 12 person tent best for the whole family. More complex is the fact that finding tents that are large enough to hold many people is a trickier endeavor than simply finding a tent for two people or so. If you are wondering how to go about choosing the best tent on the market for the large group, you have come to the right place for that is our specialty.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Tent

Among the factors to consider when choosing a tent is the size of the crew. Essentially, how many people do you intend to bring along for the trip? Also considered is the height of the campers. Is there someone who is particularly tall or all are of average height? What of the weather? Do you expect mild weather or it could easily get rainy and windy out there? Whatever you expect out in the wild, the type of tent will determine how comfortable you will be and what you will tell your friends when they ask about that camping trip.

Instant Tent or Traditional Tent?

12 Man Tent

The biggest difference between instant tents and traditional tents is the way they are setting up.Instant tents will normally have everything already in place and attached to the tent. For instance, your tent poles will come pre-attached and basically everything just needs to be snapped into place and the corners need to be staked down. Traditional tents require almost everything to be put together, which makes the setup process taking more than 30 minutes. If you’re enjoying the putting-up-challenge and everyone of the family is willing to conquer the task, that couldn’t be better.  However, if you hate pitching tent like my family do, just go for instant tent, but bear in mind you will need to pay more for the tent and consider its durability.

Five Best Tents for 12

We have compiled a list of five of the best tents for the large group of 12. In all the tents on our list, comfort is given priority.

Coleman Weather Tec Instant Cabin

Coleman is among the oldest names when it comes to outdoor activities such as camping. If you read the reviews on this product, you will be impressed since all those who have bought it give it a huge thumbs-up. You can set up this tent about a minute given its pre-attached poles that make the whole process very easy to handle. It also has welded floors and inverted seams to keep the home dry. It is made of 2X Poly-guard fabric integrated with a rain fly for the best of results. It has enough space for 12 people and will comfortably house 12 people. It even has room dividers for extra privacy where the center height is 6’4”. Your camping gear will also have a room of their own when using this tent.

Eureka Copper Canyon 12

Another notable name in the realm of camping, Eureka prepares tents that are easy to use, durability and very quick and easy to set up. The room dividers for this window are zippered and removable for when everyone needs to join at the table. The best part about this tent is that it has two huge D style opposing doors that allow for the uninterrupted access especially when people have different sleeping schedules. It 168 square feet large and center height is 7 feet high for the tallest of people to enjoy their time too. The roof has a vent for circulation to avoid condensation on the inside of the tent and for fresh air in the tent. It is very easy to set it up.

Ozark Trail 12p Three-Room Cabin

Ozark has a great history of manufacturing some of the best tents out here. This tent has the best reviews as far as the overall quality, resistance to weather and the ease of setting up are concerned. This tent features three rooms that cover an area 16’ by 16’ and is made of pure polyester with a freestanding system and a fiberglass frame for ease of setting up. It has the best structure given that it has straight walls, seven windows and hanging shelves that allow for ease of storing items in the tent. It also has a separate area for all camping equipment and other items such as boots and shoes.

SlumberJack Grand Lodge

SlumberJack has been manufacturing tents for over half a century now. This experience has been transformed into one of the best tents one can get on the market right now in the form of the SlumberJack Grand Lodge. Those who have camped using tent have nothing but the best reviews so far. It has all the neat tricks one would need to enjoy their time outdoors including 192 square feet of floor space, a room divider panel, mesh walls for ventilation, internal storage pockets and just about everything one will need when outdoors in a tent. The easy setup process is ensured by the 11 fiberglass/steel poles and the two doors that come with the tent.

Swiss Gear Elite 12 Person

From the same people who brought us the beloved Swiss Army knife, the Swiss Gear Elite is a tent worth its name. Among the best features, one can see about this tent is the price point. The reviews from those who own this tent are very encouraging as they are full of praises for it. It is a 19’ by 19’ three room tent that offers a high level of privacy as much as anyone could wish for. It allows for a peaceful night’s sleep as the access to the rooms is separate. It also has an E port which allows access to the electronics one would need without the need to leave the tent. Setting the tent up is but a breeze as users report of having set it up without the help of others.

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